Fun Facts About Alicia



•  Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


•  At age 8, Alicia attended The Philadelphia College of Arts Program for talented and gifted students for her drawing and painting.


•  Played the clarinet for Howard University’s Mighty Bison Marching Band in her freshman and sophomore year.


•  Didn’t know what a bedpan was when she entered nursing school.


•  Graduated college, got married and took and passed her Registered Nurse Nursing Boards within three weeks.


•  Married her high school sweetheart.


•  Got caught in the middle of a hurricane while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.


•  Nursed in a violent offender prison ward, was chased and threatened by a 6 foot 3 inch, 300 pound schizophrenic patient (it took 5 guards to subdue her), and witnessed a stabbing at a nursing station during her nursing career.


•  Conceived, created and implemented The New Birth Project, an outreach initiative for abused women and their children.  43 homeless, domestic violence survivors received job skills, spa treatments, make-overs, modeling techniques, clothing, meals for the day and counseling.  Their 154 children played games, participated in rap sessions, breakfast, a pizza party and received toys and gifts.



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